Women Healthcare Startups in India


Women have come a long way to place a strong foothold in the society in equality and freedom. Increasing number of startups related to women healthcare in recent years signifies the growing strength of women in the society.

Startups in India, targeting women healthcare and changing their lifestyle by breaking many taboos are on a rise these days. Let us take a look at the startups in India that are working in various dimensions of women healthcare.

Women Healthcare Startups in India


#1. Innov4Sight Health and Biomedical Systems

CEO: Vijaygopal Rengarajan Innov4Sight india

Location: Bangalore

Founded: 2014

The startup was founded in 2014 with the aim to reduce diagnostic errors in the field of oncology. They developed a data analytics platform- Parsight that will collect data of cancer patients for research. Later, they expanded towards the fertility care sector.

Innov4Sight’s product, Vyabl aims to help infertile couples to have their own child by increasing the success rate with or without the help of assisted reproduction technology (ART) procedures. They help to keep the reproductive system healthy in people of urban and rural areas.

The company believes Vyabl to be a game changer which could reduce the treatment cost by 20%. Currently, it is working with more than 20 fertility clinics in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Erode.

Funding and Investment: Till now the company has raised about $700,000 externally and is looking forward to raising about $1 million in a pre-Series A funding round.

Website:  //


#2. Plackal Tech

CEO: John Paul women healthcare startup Plackal Tech

Location:  Bangalore

Founded:  2012

The women’s health app, Maya (earlier known as Love Cycles) developed by the company helps to keep the track of menstrual cycles and other related symptoms on a smartphone. The data, analytics and machine learning is utilized to help women keep a better track of their health. Till now, more than 7 million women have downloaded this app.

Funding and Investments: Last year, the company raised INR 5 crore in seed funding from Bangalore-based early stage investor Prime Venture Partners and an undisclosed amount of funding from Rajan Anandan, vice-president, Google, Southeast Asia and India.

Website:  //


#3. Saathi

CEO: Kristin Kagetsu woment healthcare startup saathi pads

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujrat

Founded: 2016

The company has developed a biodegradable sanitary pad made from banana fiber for the Indian market.  In India, the current market size for sanitary pads is 56 million. Saathi’s sanitary pad is different from those available in the market as they are biodegradable and made of discarded banana trees’ fiber. It does not cause skin irritation.

This can solve the problem of sanitary pads disposal in rural areas which is also a very important aspect of women health and hygiene.

Funding and Investment:  They are looking forward to raising donations through a US-based crowdfunding platform YouCaring.

Website:  //


#4. Inito

Founders: Aayush Rai, Varun AV women healthcare startups inito

Location: Bangalore

Founded: 2015

This medical technology startup has developed an ovulation tracking device, Inito Fertility monitor. The Inito fertility monitor is a smartphone attachment that turns the smartphone into an ovulation tracker automatically. The Inito app works with the Inito Fertility monitor and Urine Test Strips. It will help the couples to conceive faster by suggesting the most fertile days to intercourse and thus maximizes the chances of getting pregnant.

The device measures the two main fertility hormones- luteinizing hormone and oestrogen in urine and suggests the most fertile period of the women’s menstrual cycle. It understands the body’s hormone level and predicts the most fertile days accurately.

Funding and Investments:  Unknown

Website:  //


#5. Oowomaniya

CEO:  Sneh Bhavsar women healthcare startup oowomaniya

Location:  Ahmedabad, Gujrat

Founded:   2013

It is a women health platform which provided guidance related to women healthcare and wellness. In India,  where women face many socio-cultural barriers and taboos related to reproductive health, this platform offers a safe platform that can address women’s reproductive health and general well being.

Here the users can comfortably share their doubts and issues and can get expert advice without revealing their identity.

Funding and Investments:  Unknown

Website: //


#6. Celes Care 

CEO: Raghu Bathina women healthcare startups celes care

Location:  Hyderabad

Founded:  2015

This health tech startup is India’s first virtual health clinic for women. Medical guidance is provided to the users about their health through private web-chat interface. Trained female doctors address women’s various health issues and provide information related to pregnancy, fertility, PCOS, skin care, thyroid, menopause and several other conditions.

Funding and Investment:  Recently, the company raised $1.5 million Pre-Series A funding from Endiya Partners, Ventureast, Eight Roads Ventures, F-Prime Capital Partners. Dr. Varaprasad Reddy.

Website:  //


#7. First Step Digital

Founder:  Deep Bajaj women healthcare startup first step digital logo

Location:  New Delhi

Founded:  2015

A female urinating device, PeeBuddy is launched for the first time that can protect women from getting deadly infections that occurs due to urinating in dirty public toilets. About 50% of women in India suffer from urinary tract infections due to unhygienic toilets.

PeeBuddy is made of cardboard that pops out in the shape of the funnel which can be placed between the legs to pass the urine. The product is also useful for pregnant women and those having arthritis.

The company also offers Sirona range of products that includes intimate wet wipes, applicator tampons, underarm sweat pads, herbal feminine pain relief patch.

Funding and Investment:  Recently, the company raised INR 2.96 crore in Pre-Series A funding from Indian Angel Network (IAN).  Ishan Singh, Sanjay Mehta, Vikas Kuthiala led the investment round on behalf of IAN.

Website:  //


#8. AIndra Systems

Founder:  Adarsh Natarajan artificial intelligence company india aindra

Location: Bangalore

Founded:  2012

AIndra is an artificial intelligence based startup. It aims to tackle the low screening rate of cervical cancer by utilizing their expertise in artificial intelligence. Cervical cancer is not aggressive yet one woman dies in every seven and a half minutes in India due to cervical cancer. The main culprit behind this scenario is the low screening rate of cervical cancer.

The AIndra device uses pap smear test to detect potentially cancerous cells for cervical cancer screening.  The test results can be seen in less than a day.

Funding and Investments:  The startup is funded by US-based Moonshot and an Indian investor, Villgro.



#9. CycleTel India

Location:  New Delhi cycletel humsafar logo

CycleTel™ is an early-stage start-up initiative in India that aims to manage family planning through mobile phones. CycleTel is an SMS-based mobile health product, and the first and only family planning method available directly to a woman via her mobile phone. It will help in avoiding unwanted pregnancies that affect women health as well as family.  It has been developed and incubated by Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University.

Funding and Investments:  ???

Website:  //


#10. CareNX Innovations

CEO:  Shantanu Pathak carenx logo women healthcare

Location:  Mumbai

Founded:  2015

The company’s product, CareMother is a mobile healthcare technology that is developed to detect high-risk pregnancies beforehand. It is a mobile monitoring tool and mHIMS (Health Information Management System) for gynecologists/doctors and patients.

In rural and low-income areas, maternal mortality is a leading cause of female deaths. CareMother helps in the identification of high-risk conditions like anemia, hypertension, diabetes, fetal distress and growth automatically and the doctors can access the details through a mobile application. The product includes mobile application, Care Mother kit, and web application.

Funding and Investments:  Unavailable

Website: //


#11. SanNap Healthcare

Location:  New Delhi SanNap women healthcare india

SanNap is a personal healthcare app for women. It is designed for accurate, fast and friendly tracking of a woman’s own unique menstrual cycle by using an advanced prediction algorithm. The mobile app will allow a woman to connect with the doctors anytime, anywhere.

Funding and Investments: Unknown

Website:  //

Featured image credit: Pixabay

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