Whole Genome Sequence in just $999


Many of you can still remember the initiation of Human Genome Project (HGP) and others can read about it here. HGP was the first attempt to sequence the entire genome of human and the total expense for the complete project was three billion dollar ($3B). It was just 15 years back! But now, thanks to the advancement in scientific research and the wonderful engineering technologies, you can have your entire genome sequenced in just $999.

veritas_geneticsYes, you heard it right (or you might have already heard about it)! This is the proposition of Veritas Genetics (Danvers, USA) and this mind boggling offer is together with a featured smartphone app service with which you can directly go through your result and know about your health status, genetic variants and become aware of the existing genetic health risks.

However the cost effectiveness that the company showed for their whole genomic data service rises the question about how much information it can provide. It is not clear as of now. Another speed bump for this project may be taking clearance from the U.S. FDA as the company has to satisfy their rules and regulations (which primarily depends on doctor’s prior approval for full genome sequencing).

However if all the criteria met and the cost will remain same by the company, it will worth going for it. It can provide you the explicit information about the disease that you might be prone to, it can decode the inheritance of the disease and of specific genome landmarks that comes through several generations.

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