Who said What in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries?


In this passing week we brought to you many interesting and innovative research & development news, many game changing collaborations and tie ups and quenched you with the insights of the most hottest technologies and innovations in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. Every news was embellished with a promise that researchers and scientists made regarding their innovation and a hope that the collaborators filled us with to take R&D to a level higher and benefit the human race, so let us check out who said what…..

Quote 1.

5,300+ Unique Visitors in First Month (March) of Our Launch! We Want to Thank You!”.-Who said it? Answer is here


Quote 2.

These findings are valuable as there is limited clinical evidence to guide treatment strategy when people with type 2 diabetes are uncontrolled on second-line therapy”. – Who said it? Answer is here


Quote 3.

“We welcome this opinion from the CHMP which is an important step towards making Strimvelis available to the children living with this incredibly rare and fatal condition. Going forward, we hope to apply this gene therapy platform technology across other diseases, enabling many more patients to benefit from this innovative treatment approach”.– Who said it? Answer is here


Quote 4.

PARP inhibitors are an exciting, emerging class of medicines in prostate cancer, and we believe niraparib will perfectly complement our existing portfolio”,– Who said it? Answer is here


Quote 5.

Each biosimilar molecule has specific drivers that determine market price”.– Who said it? Answer is here


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