Who said What in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries?


In this passing week we brought to you many interesting and innovative research & development news, many game changing collaborations and tie ups and quenched you with the insights of the most hottest technologies and innovations in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. Every news was embellished with a promise that researchers and scientists made regarding their innovation and a hope that the collaborators filled us with to take R&D to a level higher and benefit the human race, so let us check out who said what…..

Quote 1.

We are encouraged by this early data on BMN 270 and the trend we are seeing in increasing Factor VIII levels over time. BMN 270 could have the potential to reduce and possibly eliminate the need for infusions of Factor VIII”.-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 2.

The new direct-acting antiviral therapy is effective, with few side effects and more affordable. Partnering with leading doctors in the field of liver disease, Cipla has been able to provide treatment to thousands of patients over the past year”.-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 3.

“We are very pleased to be working with a global leader such as Biogen in this joint diagnostic collaboration to accelerate the clinical development of novel therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases where currently no disease modifying treatment is available”.-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 4.

This trial represents a major step forward in cardiovascular medicine, opening new doors and creating therapeutic options for patients of specific genetic composition suffering from heart disease. We believe that targeting a genetically specific patient population with dalcetrapib has the potential to dramatically reduce cardiovascular risk in this select patient population and will demonstrate the long expected benefit of CETP inhibitors. DalCor and its investors are committed to developing dalcetrapib as the first precision medicine for cardiovascular treatment personalized for patients with a specific genetic profile”.-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 5.

These data from Merck’s broad clinical development program underscore the company’s commitment to evaluating ZEPATIER in historically underserved and understudied chronic hepatitis C populations, such as patients with inherited blood disorders or those receiving opioid agonist therapy”.-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 6.

The FDA’s Breakthrough Designation for this blood cancer provides an important mechanism to assist us in bringing this immunotherapy to patients who could benefit from its use”.-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 7.

Preclinical and clinical studies with the rVSV-ZEBOV candidate suggest that the inclusion of other filoviruses in this vaccine platform can be used to develop multiple vaccines or a single multivalent formula which is our ultimate goal”.-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 8.

We are pleased to bring a proven therapy to patients suffering from advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the lung who have progressed despite chemotherapy”.-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 9.

Our study demonstrates that for HCV patients whose prior treatment has failed with the use of DAAs, this triple combination provides a high rate of sustained virologic response across HCV genotypes”.-Who said it? Answer is here


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