Who said What in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries?


In this passing week we brought to you many interesting and innovative research & development news, many game changing collaborations and tie ups and quenched you with the insights of the most hottest technologies and innovations in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. Every news was embellished with a promise that researchers and scientists made regarding their innovation and a hope that the collaborators filled us with to take R&D to a level higher and benefit the human race, so let us check out who said what…..

Quote 1.

“These novel technologies offer a unique opportunity that holds the potential to save lives while transforming the treatment of cancer“.-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 2.

Alzheimer’s disease remains one of the biggest challenges facing medical science today. BACE inhibitors have the potential to target one of the key drivers of disease progression and we are delighted that our combined efforts have resulted in the development of AZD3293 moving into the next phase of study. Disease modifying approaches, such as this, have the potential to transform the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and help patients in this area of large unmet medical need.”-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 3.

We are encouraged by these data which demonstrate the potential of CAZ-AVI in the treatment of patients with life-threatening infections where the lack effective treatment options has a critical impact on mortality, morbidity and costs related healthcare”.-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 4.

Celgene’s development and commercial expertise, particularly in hematologic malignancies, make them our ideal partner and will accelerate our global development capabilities for patients with ALL, CLL, and NHL,”-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 5.

Venclexta is the first approved medicine designed to trigger a natural process that helps cells self-destruct, and is a new way to help people who have been previously treated and have this high-risk form of the disease.”-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 6.

with the proliferation of digital health information, one area that remains elusive is the collection of real-time physiological data to support disease management. We are testing ways to create a system that passively collects data with little to no burden on the patient, and to provide doctors and researchers with objective, real-time insights that we believe could fundamentally change the way patients are monitored and treated“.-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 7.

We want to be focused and we want to go fast.” says Sean Parker. “Two words don’t come up often when talking about cancer research are ‘focus and fast.‘”-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 8.

Neuropathic pain is a tremendous unmet need in healthcare today. The collaboration with Relieve Genetics offers a significant opportunity to materially impact the lives of many patients who are in desperate need of relief from pain refractory to other therapies including opiates.”-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 9.

Our industry-leading human genetics research with the Regeneron Genetics Center is already identifying important genetic targets, building on our long-standing expertise in genetic engineering,”-Who said it? Answer is here


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