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After enjoying the weekend we are back again with all the hottest happenings of Biotech and Pharma industries. Check out the interesting happenings of the weekend and get rid of your Monday blues!

Novel Products for CAR Modified Immune Cells by This Partnership

UK based Cell Medica working on development and marketing of cellular therapeutics for cancer and infections will undergo a “co-development partnership” with Baylor College of Medicine for the development of next generation technology to improve the function of modified immune cells like the emerging CAR-T cells to treat solid tumors.

Cell Medica will get an exclusive licence over various cell and gene technologies of Baylor as well as an option to licence new products introduced by Baylor during the partnership.

According to the initial plan five product programs have been outlined for the development. Cell Medica has already paid an amount upfront for the license agreement and will also pay additional amount later during the development program for the future products.

“This collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine will place Cell Medica at the forefront of new product concepts for CAR-modified immune cells,” noted Gregg Sando, CEO of Cell Medica. “Baylor’s leading research capability in this field should add significantly to our pipeline of high value products targeting cancer types that do not respond to conventional treatments”.

Positive Result of Elamipretide in Phase II for Primary Mitochondrial Myopathy Treatment

First-of-its-Kind clinical trial of the investigational drug, elamipretide of Stealth BioTherapeutics for the treatment of rare disease- primary mitochondrial myopathy showed positive results in Phase II study.

In the trial systemic delivery of elamipretide was evaluated in patients with genetically confirmed mitochondrial disease to treat primary mitochondrial myopathy which leads to muscle weakness in patients making the daily activities difficult for them. Statistically significant results were seen in the patients in distance walked in six minutes.

Elamipretide received Fast Track designation from FDA in January 2016 for the treatment of primary mitochondrial myopathy patients. Currently there is no FDA approved Medication for the treatment of the disease. Soon they will plan Phase III clinical trial with FDA of elamipretide for the further characterization of the drug for this disease treatment.

Whole Genome Analysis of Microbiome by this Comprehensive Microbiome Analysis Kit

Whole genome shotgun sequencing of gut microbes can be done by new Comprehensive Microbiome Analysis Kit developed collectively by CosmosID and the BioCollective.

Most microbiome kits provide bacterial analysis based on DNA sequence of few genes offering lower-resolution characterization of microbes. Comprehensive Microbiome Analysis Kit provides the complete analysis of an individual microbe. It will allow the individual to determine their own microbiomes and can monitor the improvements by modifying their dietary and lifestyle habits.

The kit is available at the introductory price of $299 which includes sample collection, storage, DNA preparation, sequencing, and metagenomic analysis.

Dr. Rita Colwell, founder of CosmosID, said, “We are very pleased to be partnering with The BioCollective on the White House National Microbiome Initiative to study microbiome associations with many diseases, such as Sickle Cell and Parkinson’s, in a major microbiome research initiative. With this new comprehensive kit, researchers and individuals will be able to obtain a full understanding of their microbiomes from this high resolution analysis“.

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