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Merck Will Fetch P2X3 antagonist by Afferent Deal

Merck will acquire the US based Afferent Pharmaceuticals which is a leader in the development of therapeutic products targeting the P2X3 receptor to treat common, poorly managed, neurogenic conditions.

Merck will pay an upfront payment of $500 million in cash for this acquisition. Afferent shareholders will also be eligible to receive an additional $750 million in total after the achievement of certain clinical development or commercial milestones for their lead candidate- AF-219.

Afferent’s lead candidate- AF-219 is a selective non-narcotic, oral P2X3 antagonist, currently in its Phase IIb clinical trial for the treatment of refractory, chronic cough and in Phase II clinical trial for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) for cough.


Insulin-only Bionic Pancreas well manage Blood Glucose Levels

Insulin-only Bionic Pancreas effectively controls blood glucose levels maintaining lower rates of hypoglycemia compared to bihormonal (insulin plus glucagon).

In a crossover, three days study was done on 20 volunteers. No significant difference between the mean glucose achieved was observed between insulin-only and bihormonal bionic pancreas when target glucose of 130 mg/dl was used.

We were encouraged to find that the insulin-only bionic pancreas was safe, with minimal hypoglycemia. However, we’d like to see whether we can safely achieve a lower mean glucose with the insulin-only system while still maintaining low levels of hypoglycemia,” said lead study author Laya Ekhlaspour, MD, a clinical and research fellow in pediatric endocrinology at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children,Boston. “With this mind, we are now investigating an insulin-only bionic pancreas with a glucose target lower than 130 mg/dl (110 mg/dl) in order to find the glucose target that will provide the best balance between mean glucose and hypoglycemia in the insulin-only configuration“.


Tradgenda’s Promising Results for Type 2 Diabetes Patients with Kidney Ailments

Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lillys Tradjenta® (linagliptin) showed efficient results in MARLINA-T2D™ trial in which it demonstrated reduced blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes (T2D) who are at a risk of kidney impairment. They also showed consistent renal safety profile.

The safety and efficacy of Tradjenta® was tested in 360 patients with T2D and albuminuria who showed 0.6 % reduction in average blood glucose (A1C) at 24 weeks versus placebo. Type 2 diabetes patient suffering from long term kidney problems generally has limited treatment options .

The treatment of type 2 diabetes is rarely a simple matter—people with this condition are often dealing with a multitude of complications, including problems with their kidneys,” said Professor Hans-Juergen Woerle, global vice president medicine, Boehringer Ingelheim. “The MARLINA-T2D trial results further support the use of TRADJENTA as a once-daily therapy that does not require dose adjustment regardless of renal function“.

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