Top 5 Most Read Articles In April You Shouldn’t Miss!


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We are in new month and it’s the time when I tell you the top 5 articles that you liked reading in last month.  In total, we published 56 articles in Latest News and Featured categories and below are the top 5 articles that you liked most.

This month we were not surprised as you already did that to us in last month by liking and sharing so much. We want to thank you for you continuous support in April. So here it goes;

#1 The Global Game Changers from Biotech Industry

In this post, I together with our editor Tiash Saha looked into the elite personalities of the biotech industries who received the eminent position in Forbes ‘Global Game Changers’. You can read full blog post here.

the Forbes list of global game changers

global game changers biotech


#2 CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Drives ‘ON’ Malaria ‘GONE’- Promise and Peril

In this post, our editor Tiash Saha on World Malaria Day debated on the promise and peril of the wonder CRISPR/Cas9 gene drives technique in the eradication of malaria. You can read full blog post here.




#3 Autism’s Rising Prevalence and Drug Discovery Efforts in 2016: A Review

This was another post from our editor Tiash Saha. This was a special review from Medgenera in which she tried supporting the awareness towards ‘Autism’ and the millions of sufferers of the disorder. You can read full blog post here.

autism awareness week and drug discovery



#4 CAR-T Cell Therapy-The Near Miracle Cure for Cancer

An excellently written article from our blogger Shobha Prajapati in which she talked about the therapy technology that could decrease the side effects leading to a more targeted approach in cancer treatment viz. CAR-T cell therapy. She also debated on- whether it is a miracle therapy to cure cancer? Also summarized all the companies which is utilizing it. You can read full blog post here.

CAR-T Cell Therapy-A Near Miracle Cure for Cancer



#5 Is Indian Life Sciences Really in Limelight?

This was the first featured article of our new member Karthiga Saravanan, in which she surprised all of us by bringing this topic (which really needed discussion!) and proving that Indian life sciences industry are really in progress! You can read full blog post here.

Is Indian Life Sciences Really in Limelight?



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