Top 5 Most Read Articles In May You Shouldn’t Miss!


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We are in new month and it’s the time when I tell you the top 5 articles that you liked reading in last month.  In total, we published 67 articles in Latest News and Featured categories and below are the top 5 articles that you liked most.


#1 Reviewing Thyroid: Take Care of Your Butterfly Gland

In this post, our editor Tiash Saha on World Thyroid Day’ reviewed several aspects of endocrine gland– thyroid and cause of various ailments related to it. She also reviewed how far the medical field has grown to tackle the problems related to it. You can read full blog post here.


rank 1

#2 DNA-The New Hard Drives for Digital Data Storage

In this blog post, our youngest author Misbah Haqani talked about the cutting edge technology that will solve the problem of digital data storage. Please read this post here.




#3 Fortune Making Indian Pharmaceutical Sector

In this post, our author Karthiga Saravanan reviewed the current status of the Indian Pharmaceutical sector. Please read this post here.

Indian pharma company ranking

rank 3


#4 Knowing an Indian-Origin Tumour Biologist, Receives America’s Highest Science Award

On May 20, 2016, an Indian-American, IIT Kanpur alumnus Prof. Rakesh K. Jain, received the America’s highest science award ‘National Medal of Science’ from U.S. President Barack Obama. In this post, our editor Tiash Saha  reviewed the life & carry history of Prof. Jain. You can read this post here.

rakesh k jain National Medal of Science tumor biologist indian origin

rank 4


#5 FDA Nod for First Cell Culture Based Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine

CSL group and Novartis’ joint venture Seqirus’ Flucelvax Quadrivalent became the first cell culture-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine approved by the US FDA. This was another coverage by our youngest author Misbah Haqani. You can read this post here.


rank 5

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