Top 5 Most Read Articles In March You Shouldn’t Miss!


March was truly amazing for Medgenera- not only because we have completed our first full-month but you liked us so much. In this first month you encouraged us to do more and I am sure that you have already noticed about how much we have experimented to give you new and meaningful experiences of the reading of our articles. In total, we published 64 articles in Latest News and Featured categories and below are the top 5 articles that you liked most. I must say that you surprised us by liking and sharing so much. Thank you very much!  So here it goes;


#1 Cancer Research Startups in India

In this post, our editor Tiash Saha promoted some of the startups company in India and get to know about their mission and research objectives. It was our first article which achieved 1000 mark (1800+ actually 🙂 ).You can read full blog post here.

Cancer research startups in India 2016

cancer startup company in india

#2 The World Unicorn Biotech Startup in 2016

In this post, I tried you get acquainted with world unicorn biotech startup companies (having valuation at or more than $1 billion) in 2016.  You can read the complete list here.

unicorn startup company in biotech and healthcare sector

World Unicorn Biotech Startup

#3 Ovarian Cancer: Who is on the Cruise to Cure it?

March was ‘Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month’ and our editor Tiash Saha presented another article which updated about this dreadful disease. Click here for full reading

Ovarian cancer drug discovery company and mechanism

ovarian cancer drug discovery company

  #4 Ultimate Review: Zika Virus, Epidemic, Drug Discovery and New Insights

Another article from our editor Tiash Saha in which she reviewed Zika virus and updated with her commentary about it. You can read this article here. It is worth reading as it also explains about how Zika epidemic is being tackled worldwide.

Zika virus and drug discovery

zika virus and review article

#5 Knowing CRISPR- the Gene Editing Biotech Wonder of the Century

An excellently written article from our youngest blogger Misbah Haqani in which she explained the gene-editing biotech technique and also summarized all the companies which is utilizing it. You can read it here.

CRISPR is a gene-editing technique and company which uses it

CRISPR interference technology of gene editing


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