Organ-on-Chips Technology will Help Microbiome Therapeutics Development


Seres Therapeutics, a microbiome therapeutics company collaborated with Emulate Inc, mainly involved in the commercialization of Organs-on-Chips technology.

seres emulate partnershipBoth companies came together to further advance Emulate’s Intestine-Chip platform- a microengineered, living tissue based system that mimics the functions of the human intestine.

organ on a chip wyss

Figure 1. Organ-on-a-chip (photo credit: Harvard’s Wyss Institute).

Seres aims to utilize this technology for the identification of novel bacterial composition for the development of novel microbiome therapeutics for inflammatory bowel disease or other gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune or immunological conditions or other infectious diseases.

Emulate brings in a highly innovative technological platform, comprising of multiple human cell types to help recreate the interactions of the gastrointestinal tissue with the microbiome. This method can be more effective in comparison to the conventional approach using cell culture techniques to understand and treat gastrointestinal disorders.


Figure 2. Examples of Organs-on-Chips (photo credit: Harvard’s Wyss Institute).

Organ-on-a-Chip technology is leading towards a revolution in the field of synthetic biology and regenerative medicine, pioneered by the founding team of Emulate at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University.

whole body organs on chips

Figure 3. Human-on-a-chip (photo credit: Harvard’s Wyss Institute).

Last year Organ-on-Chips technology was acknowledged as ‘Design of the Year’. It helps to understand the molecular mechanisms of the organ related to functioning and effect of interaction of the drugs to the organs and reduce the load of utilizing animals in the laboratory as test subjects.

Understand more about this futuristic technology by this video (credit: TissUse – Emulating Human Biology).

Emulate’sIntestine-Chip’ which is based on human relevant Organ-on-Chips technology can efficiently contribute to the crucial new area of medicine, microbiome. It can evaluate the complex biological mechanisms like effect of bacterial compositions on the environment of gut and healing mechanisms in response to inflammations and therefore can help in the development of microbiome therapeutics accordingly.

We are extremely pleased to work with Seres, a leader in the development of microbiome therapeutics, and apply our Organs-on-Chips technology to enhance drug discovery in an emerging field, such as the microbiome,” said James Coon, Chief Executive Officer of Emulate.

Emulate is further working along with its clinical partner to develop Organ-on-Chips personalized with an individual patient’s stem cells for the development of precision medicine.

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