Sean Parker (Facebook, Napster Pioneer) $250 Million Interest in Immuno-Oncology Research


The tech billionaire Sean Parker (co-founder of music-file sharing Napster and first president of Facebook) will fund $250 million to six cancer centers situated in USA and will establish “Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy” which will include over 40 laboratories and more than 300 researchers from these research centers. He is also served as the chairman of The Parker Foundation and is famous for philanthropy with particular interest in life sciences and global public health. The ultimate aim of this huge funding is to support the research and development so as to boost the cancer survival rates.

We want to be focused and we want to go fast.” says Sean Parker. “Two words don’t come up often when talking about cancer research are ‘focus and fast.‘”

American philanthropists and cancer research have long history

Last month, Michael Bloomberg (former New York City mayor), Sidney Kimmel (Jones Apparel Group founder) and other philanthropists announced a $125 million donation for cancer immunotherapy research for the Johns Hopkins University medical school. Three months ago USA President Obama announced $1 billion federal cancer research program, which famously dubbed as ‘moonshot’. In 2014, another billionaire Daniel Ludwig (United States shipping magnate) donated $540 million to six cancer centers. In 2013, Phil Knight (Nike co-founder) donated $500 million to cancer researchers at Oregon Health & Science University. However, cash infusion of Sean Parker is by far the largest ever philanthropy for cancer immunotherapy.

Yet there is need of another $10 billion to get the treatments approved and to patients” says Stanton L. Gerson, MD Director, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

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