Sanofi Genzyme, Recursion Tie Up for Clinical Stage Molecules Drug Repurposing


Recursion Pharmaceuticals logoRecursion Pharmaceuticals (salt lake city, USA) made announcement of an agreement with Sanofi Genzyme (France). This research agreement is to exploit Sanofi’s clinical stage molecules and combine them with the drug repurposing platform of Recursion with the purpose of identifying uses of these molecules across a number of genetic diseases.

sanofi genzyme logoIn this deal Sanofi will provide some of its small molecules to Recursion which the later will screen across its library of genetic disease models. Sanofi Genzyme shall have the option in its hand of developing products that target newly identified indications.

We are delighted to be working with Sanofi to rapidly find new uses for its assets, particularly given Sanofi Genzyme’s unparalleled expertise in rare diseases,” stated Chris Gibson, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Recursion.

Recursion is a juvenile but rapidly emerging biotechnology company that aims at making rare diseases a history. They have a unique approach of generating human cellular models of diseases. By using computerized vision Recursion extracts a large number of morphological measures from these cellular models at the individual cell level itself. Then the molecules are examined for their ability to check any phenotypic defects associated with specific diseases. Recursion has already used this approach to generate certain candidates for genetic diseases among which the treatment for Cerebral Cavernous Malformation is noteworthy.

Recursion Technology




High-Throughput Experimental Biology

high-throughput genetic manipulation model many diseases in multiple human cell types quickly and efficiently.

Computational Platform

automated image segmentation systems

 critical disease-specific changes associated with each disease model

Phenoprints to Cures

identified a phenotypic fingerprint (phenoprint) for a disease

evaluate the ability of thousands of drugs to rescue the disease-specific structural perturbations back to ‘health’.

Recursion strategy and focus are to merge drug repositioning and orphan Diseases.

Blake Borgeson, Chief Technology Officer of Recursion, said in a statement, “Rare diseases are the perfect targets for our unbiased, target-agnostic discovery platform as relatively little is known about these conditions. Our application of cutting edge machine-learning technology allows us to leverage experiments across biology to enable identification of new indications for our partners.”

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