Indian Cancer Congress 2017 Free Entry [Contest]- CLOSED NOW

Indian Cancer Congress 2017 Free Entry [Contest]- CLOSED NOW

The second chapter of the prestigious and India’s biggest cancer conference Indian Cancer Congress (ICC) will be held in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India on 08 – 12 November 2017. The ICC 2017 is an amalgamation of four major national oncology associations and all sub-specialty associations to improve the quality of cancer care in the country. This year the theme of the event is “INSIGHT INNOVATION INTEGRATION.”

The ICC 2017 will mark the presence of the entire oncologist community where they will take stock of some valuable insights and innovations and will debate on how best they can integrate the innovations into the practices. The event will also focus on much-needed topic- psycho-oncology and personalized cancer care. Using the insight from the oncologist community, they would innovate a unique training programme in psycho-oncology and further integrate the opportunity to work towards integrating psycho-oncology with mainstream cancer care.

ICC 2017 will be all about insights, innovations, and integrations. Thus this will be a perfect opportunity for you to meet the pioneers and write in with your insights, innovations or ideas on integration!

The organizers say- ICC 2017 is all about you, and your creativity! Let move cancer care to the next level.


Dr. K S Gopinath

Chairman (ICC 2017)

Dr. Kodaganur S. Gopinath, MS, FAMS, FRCS (Edin) is an Indian surgical oncologist, best known for his pioneering work in oncological research. He is the recipient of India’s fourth highest civilian award, Padma Shri and also the premier medical honor Dr. B. C. Roy Award.

Prof R S Bilimagga

Secretary General (ICC 2017)

Prof Ramesh S. Bilimagga is a qualified and trained Radiation Oncologist. He is the former National President of AROI, medical director of HealthCare Global (HCG) Enterprises Ltd., Secretary General of Indian Cancer Congress 2017 and Vice President of FARO. He has received many awards for his work in the field of Radiation Oncology; some of them are Prof. P.K. Haldar Memorial Travel Fellowship, Travel Fellowship of International College of Surgeon and many more.

Dr. G Kilara

Chairman Reception (ICC 2017)

Dr. Gurunath Kilara is a renowned India radiation oncologists. He is currently serving as the director of HCG-MSR Cancer Center and also the director of central physics, HCG-Bangalore institute of Oncology Speciality Center.

Contest sponsor: Indian Cancer Congress 2017 Organizing Committee