Postdocs-Precision Medicine -Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria (Vienna)


Location: Vienna, Austria

Deadline: 24/07/2016


The Superti-Furga laboratory is contributing to the scientific fundaments of precision medicine. We are looking for postdoctoral fellows to work on a modern systems-level understanding of the effect of drugs in cancer, immunity and metabolism. The work is meant to pioneer elucidation of the concerted action of membrane transporters and intermediate metabolism genome-wide.

The laboratory is in a highly productive mode, generating functionally significant data on drug and metabolite relationships to genes and proteins at a high rate. The overall goal is to pioneer innovative therapeutic and diagnostic initiatives in cancer, inflammation/infection and metabolic disorders. This could involve, for example, elucidating the role of the immune system response in either 1) driving, or 2) yielding cancer progression, furthering the understanding of the immune system role in fighting cancer using biologics, use immunomodulation as a function to decipher clinical response to therapeutics for personalized medicine, use focused and genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9-based functional genomic screens to study the role of transporters and metabolic pathways in drug transport/activity and cancer or integrate diverse datasets (genetic, genomic, proteomic, metabolomic and drug screen data) to uncover potentially novel regulatory principles and mechanisms involved in cancer, immunity and metabolism.

The postdoc candidates are creative scientists able to seize the opportunity to create, navigate, integrate, visualize and interpret original data in innovative ways. She/he is eager to team up with experimental scientists in the laboratory and project-lead data generation campaigns.

We are looking for individuals with two different kind of profiles:

  1. A) Postdoc Computational Science/Systems Biology/ Chemoinformatics (code: #PD GSF-CS)


A recent successful PhD in computer science, chemistry or biology and significant experience in computational analysis. Interest in complex data integration and innovative data visualization. Excellent communication skills and social skills are absolutely required.

  1. B) Postdoc Molecular Biology/Biochemistry/Systems Biology (code: #PD GSF-BL)


A recent successful PhD in biology, chemistry or an MD degree and significant experience in modern experimental biomedical research. Experience with functional genomics or biochemical/pharmacological analysis of transporters is desirable but not a must. Excellent communication skills and social skills are absolutely required.

The Laboratory

The Superti-Furga laboratory consists of a highly collaborative team of 22 scientists from 11 nations. In the last three years, we published about 70 papers, among which 10% in Nature, Science or Cell and 15 in Nature sister journals. Historically, 23 postdocs published on average 9,5 papers within our lab (0-25) that were on average cited 686 times. More than 50% of postdocs went on to independent positions, two went to work as clinicians. None abandoned research. You will enjoy a supportive mentoring from the PI and profit from a budding Postdoc training program both at CeMM, with the other life science institutes in Vienna and, internationally, within the highly active and unique network of excellence of the 13 EU-Life institutes:// Please visit our lab’s website:


Köberlin MS, Snijder B, et al. Cell. 2015 Jul 2;162(1):170-83.

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Huber KV, et al. Nature. 2014 Apr 10;508(7495):222-7.

Blomen VA, et al. Science, 2015 Nov 27;350(6264):1092-6.

The Institute

CeMM is a flagship institute for biomedical research in the heart of Europe, Vienna. CeMM is committed to highest scientific standards as exemplified by recent publications in top journals as well as by its top international scientific advisory board. The environment is very collaborative, dynamic and international. One of CeMM`s advantages is to be in close proximity to the Vienna Medical University Campus and the General Hospital (AKH). This allows the fruitful interaction of basic scientists with clinicians, and the use of models and cutting-edge technology to disease-relevant biological questions. According to a study by The Scientist, CeMM is ranked as the best European place to work in Academia 2012, internationally CeMM appears at the fourth place.

How to apply

We offer a great working environment for passionate scientists and a generous employee benefits package.

Please click on the link below to apply online

  1. A) for reference code #PD GSF-CS: >//*
  2. B) for reference code #PD GSF-BL: “>//*

At CeMM we are committed to increasing the percentage of female scientists working in life sciences, and thus we strongly encourage female applicants.

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