Post Doctoral Position- Neurobiology-MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology- United Kingdom (Cambridge)


Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Deadline: March 19, 2016


Overall purpose
To work within the Group of Ingo Greger at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB), on a programme aimed at studying AMPA receptor (AMPAR) dynamics using structural approaches. Specifically, we will build upon our expertise with glutamate receptors and state of the art electron-cryo microscopy facilities at the MRC LMB to determine structures of physiologically relevant AMPAR complexes.

Current efforts in the lab have been directed towards AMPAR cryo-EM and we have succeeded in determining first structures (Herguedas et al., 2016 [in press]; reprint available upon request). We aim to continue and extend this program to study AMPAR heteromers in complex with auxiliary subunits.

Main duties:

  • To undertake research aimed at elucidating structures of AMPAR complexes using cryo-EM.
  • To identify, develop and apply a range of structural/biochemical techniques to pursue the research objectives.
  • To present scientific work at seminars within the Laboratory and at external meetings.
  • To contribute to Laboratory-wide discussions on developments within the field.
  • Where appropriate, to draft scientific papers, and contribute to the overall preparation of research for publication.
  • To contribute to the LMB’s mission in the public engagement of science, and the translation of research findings into improvements in health care.
  • To assist in the training of PhD students and other members of the LMB.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To plan your own work and objectives and manage your experimental work within the project along with your Supervisor.
  • To introduce and apply new techniques across a wide range of disciplines and to have the creativity and initiative to develop novel approaches and methods where required.
  • To ensure the research is carried out in accordance with good practice and in compliance with local polices and legal requirements.
  • To contribute to the smooth running of the Group, including the effective use of resources, training of others and taking responsibility for use of communal facilities.

Working relationships:

You will report to Dr Ingo Greger and will interact and collaborate with other Postdoctoral Scientists, Research Support Staff and Students, not only in your Group, but also across the LMB and with external Groups as necessary.

Requirements (mandatory + desirable):

Education / Qualifications / Training required:

Essential: PhD in structural biology or currently writing up doctoral studies within 6 months of applying.

Previous work experience required:

Essential: Experience in protein structural techniques (x-ray crystallography or cryo-EM).

Experience of protein expression in mammalian cells and/or baculovirus. Experience with cryo-EM.

Knowledge and experience:

Specific Research Skills
Essential: Experience with membrane protein biochemistry.
Desirable: Experience with lipid nanodiscs.

Creativity and Initiative
• Ability to utilize a combination of approaches/techniques.
• Ability to carry out experimental programme.
• Demonstrated ability to develop novel experimental approaches e.g. new methodologies and techniques.
• Ability to contribute ideas and provide support to other projects in the Groups.

Desirable: Has developed new techniques/methodologies which have added value to scientific work.

Independent working
Essential: Proven skills in working independently to solve experimental problems.
Desirable: Proven record of independent project advancement.

Verbal and written communication skills
Essential: Experience in presenting scientific work, both written and orally.
Desirable: Has made contributions to scientific papers.

Desirable: Has experience of training others “on the job”.

Collaborations/ Influencing Skills
Essential: Has strong skills and experience in working collaboratively as a member of a team.
Desirable: Willing to gather new experience by visiting laboratories of collaborators.

Personal skills/behaviours/qualities:

Essential: Motivated individual with a strong desire for self and team development.
Desirable: Capable to work between research groups.

To apply for this position and further information, please click the university logo (below).

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

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