Post Doctoral Position- Characterising HER family dimerisation in disease – Discovery Sciences iMed


Location: AstraZeneca, United Kingdom (Cambridge)

Deadline: Midnight – April 8, 2016

Description: Investigation of real time dynamics of HER receptor family hetero-dimerisation in living cells using RNA aptamers biosensors

Requirements (mandatory): Significant post-doctoral research with expertise in cell biology, supported by a proven record of publication, knowledge of tumour cell growth and signalling, in particular HER family signalling, an understanding of RNA aptamer technologies, prior experience of library panning and enrichment and expertise in cellular and molecular biology as well as fluorescence microscopy imaging.

Requirements (desirable): Experience in generating aptamers through the Systematic Evolution of Ligands By Exponential Enrichment, an understanding of RNA biochemistry and handling, a record of using cell based assays – especially imaging technologies, expertise of lentiviral expression system uses and an understanding of common statistical tools.

Responsibilities: Develop and optimise a toolkit of HER-binding aptamers directed against different EGFR mutant receptors and members of HER family, build a profile of dimer formation for each mutant receptor in EGFR WT background, determine the pattern of HER2/HER3/HER4 heterodimers in EGFR mutants background, explore the effect of TKI treatments on the dynamic regulation of dimerisation, including the impact of sensitising and resistance mutations, present data at scientific conferences and supported by publication in peer-reviewed journals.

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