Post Doctoral Position- Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease-AstraZeneca, Sweden (Gothenburg)


Location: AstraZeneca, Sweden (Gothenburg)

Deadline: Midnight – April 8, 2016
Description: Re-cellularized whole de-cellularized heart with progenitor cells to generate mechanistic understanding of differentiation and functional development

Requirements (mandatory): A PhD in a relevant discipline, such as bioengineering or biomedical engineering, hands-on experience with 3D cell cultures, molecular biology and optical microscopy, the ability to independently design and execute experiments that generate meaningful results, excellent communication, collaboration and multi-tasking skills and the confidence to speak up and contribute while working with some of the most knowledgeable colleagues in the business

Requirements (desirable): Hands-on experience with optical systems, label-free and live imaging, and nonlinear microscopy.

Responsibilities: Perform a wide range of experiments in 2D and 3D systems, conduct independent, cutting-edge work in state-of-the-art laboratories, collaborate with a leading academic advisor, who’ll provide support and guidance, work on CPC isolation from human heart tissues, as well as cell culture and expansion, evaluate, and present and publish your findings in reputable scientific journals.

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