Post Doctoral Fellowship- Structural Biology- European Molecular Biology Laboratory (France)


Location:  Grenoble, France

Deadline:   April, 17, 2016

Description: The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is one of the highest ranked scientific research organisations in the world. The Headquarters Laboratory is located in Heidelberg (Germany), with additional sites in Grenoble (France), Hamburg (Germany), Hinxton (UK) and Monterotondo (Italy).

EMBL is seeking to recruit a postdoctoral researcher to join the group of Daniel Panne at EMBL Grenoble. EMBL is a leading international research organization with a collaborative atmosphere. We are seeking to recruit an outstanding candidate with a strong interest in applying structural biology approaches to important biological problems. We focus on multi-protein complexes that are relevant in cancer biology and human disease. Areas of focus include understanding epigenetic gene/chromatin regulation and signaling in the innate immune system. The primary experimental techniques include protein crystallography, electron microscopy, protein expression, biochemistry and mutagenesis.

Requirements:  The successful applicant should hold a Ph.D. degree in biochemistry or biophysics, with a strong background in one or more of these areas: recombinant protein production and purification, crystallographic and biophysical characterization, electron microscopy or protein design. The laboratory has excellent access to state-of-the-art equipment including the ESRF synchrotron, a Tecnai F20 Polara equipped with K2 direct electron detector and other tools for biophysical analysis.

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