PhD positions-Development of Heterocyclic Pharmacophores Using Diversity-Oriented Synthesis- United Kingdom (Bradford)


Location:  University of Bradford, Bradford,UK

Deadline:  Applications are accepted at any time

Description: Diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS) is a modern chemical tool, which aims to synthesis small molecules that cover new chemical space with the possibility of finding unexplored biological targets or pathways that may be important for disease progression. The development of novel chemical entities (NCEs) is very important to the field of chemical genetics where chemical probes are used to probe known or unknown biological targets.

The Development of Heterocyclic Pharmacophores Using Diversity-Oriented Synthesis project from University of Bradford will use DOS to enable the preparation of libraries of NCEs comprising heterocyclic pharmacophores, which will be used to probe the functional activity of unexplored targets. For known biological targets such as aldehyde dehydrogenases (ALDH) and cytochromes P450 (CYP), more conventional approaches such as synthetic organic chemistry and computational modelling will be employed in parallel to the use of DOS in order to develop chemical probes for biological interrogation. Successful identification of NCEs can be exploited as ALDH targeting fluorophores with potential as marketed reagents to identify stem cells, tumour selective prodrugs activated by specific CYPs with potential to treat cancer patients, or a research tool to probe biological pathways.

Requirements:  English Language Requirements, IELTS Take IELTS test-6.5. At least 2:1 Honours or equivalent & English qualifications of at least IELTS 6.5

IMPORTANT NOTE: The UK government confirmed new requirements for secure English language testing for visa and immigration purposes. Learn more

Start date and funding:  September 2016. The majority of research students start in September, but it may be possible to start with effect from January, April or July. The tuition fee will be £GBP 15600/year (non-EEA) and £ GBP 4120/year (EEA)

Scholarship: The Global Study Awards recognizes studying abroad as a positively life changing experience for many students as well as promoting intercultural understanding and tolerance. Successful candidates will receive up to £10,000 to be applied toward the cost of tuition fees.

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