PhD positions-Cancer, Microbiology and Stem cell engineering – United States (Richmond, VA)


Location: Richmond, VA, United States

Deadline: April 16, 2016

Description: applications for our Ph.D. program in Oral Health Research. Students will be based at the Philips Institute for Oral Health Research in the School of Dentistry. The Philips Institute is a center of educational and research excellence at Virginia Commonwealth University focused on
• Cancer
• Infection and immunity of the host microbiome interaction
• Tissue engineering, stem cells and new materials

Requirements (mandatory): Applicants should have, or expect to receive a bachelors, a masters or a dental degree prior to admission.

*Please note: You are not expected to have confirmed a Ph.D. supervisor before application, but a clear idea of the area of research you wish to pursue will be beneficial. Well-qualified applicants will receive an offer of financial support which typically includes a stipend commensurate with NIH guidelines and the payment of all applicable tuition and fees on behalf of the student..

To apply for this position and further information, please click the university logo (below).


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