Onxeo (The orphan oncology innovator) acquired DNA Therapeutics-a clinical stage French biopharmaceutical company


(The orphan oncology innovator), which is a merger company of BioAlliance Pharma (France) and Topotarget (Denmark) announced the acquisition of DNA Therapeutics, a clinical stage French biopharmaceutical company by paying €1.7M upfront plus additional milestone payment and in future will be sharing the potential royalties.


The deal will provide Onxeo a first-in-class, signal-interfering DNA (siDNA) molecule— DNA Therapeutics’ lead product candidate, Dbait or DT01 which targets the cancer resistance mechanism. The signal-interfering DNA (siDNA) molecule breaks the cycle of tumor DNA repair without affecting the healthy cells. The siDNA technology could be potentially developed as a new therapy for patients suffering from various types of cancer.

siDNA are short modified double stranded DNA molecules capable of inhibiting DNA repair activities by interfering in their repair pathways.

With this deal Onxeo got its unnamed lead candidate, formerly known as Dbait or DT01. The previous 1st-in-human trial of DT01 for metastatic melanoma exhibited good local, systemic, immune tolerance and safety.

Onxeo will further plan the assessment of Dbait or DT01 for its safety and tolerability profile both as a monotherapy and in combination with other DNA-damaging agents in various solid tumors. The company has added Dbait or DT01 in its portfolio but also seems committed for obtaining U.S. and European approvals for the orphan cancer treatment Validive. The company is right now looking for the partner to generate fund for two Phase III trials of Validive requested by the FDA to adorn it with drug candidate tag.

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