Rise of 4 Startup Segments Alluring Health Online 2017


Humans are social beings, but the percentage of socialization in the real world has waned over time. You wake up in the morning – send a good morning message over the social networking site – order your favorite pizza online – book your travel tickets online – purchases good and stuffs for the home online and the list continues..

After completing most of the tasks online who would like to travel through the rushy roads of the city to deal with a slight headache or acidity.

Over the years, many startups have continuously allured people online to get the stuff and services healthy life from the comfort of their home.

Doctors Online

Online doctors startups

Visiting doctors when you are not feeling good is a thumping task. Doctor consulting app provides the luxury of getting primary healthcare service at home. These applications can provide accessible and affordable health service to the people living in the remote places or not well or young enough to bear the pressure of traveling to the clinics and hospitals.

The apps offer voice as well as video consultations for the proper analysis of the patient by doctors.

Personalized health services are increasing including artificial intelligence to check the patients to give medical advice. It reduces the time and enhances the accuracy and efficiency. Coimbatore based telehealth startup iCliniq offers on-demand consultation with a doctor either over telephone or video.

Self-test kits offered by the company like Mapmygenome makes it possible to prepare early diagnostic test reports of the patients for a range of diseases without going to diagnostic centers.

In India, apart from the some of the known names like Practo, Lybrate which enables patients to communicate with doctors and consult before visiting doctors, other startups like Delhi based Konsult has also developed an app for online doctor consultation for follow up, post consultation and second opinions and has been hugely backed by investors.

Care24, Zozz, Healthcare at Home, Healer at Home, Nightangles offers healthcare services like physiotherapists, doctors, nurses at home.

Health monitoring systems are being developed to keep an eye on the health of the patients in an ambulance in his route to hospitals in real time.

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Pharmacy Online

e-pharmacy startups

One of the largest e-commerce companies in the world- Amazon is making way to break into the online pharmacy space. This amply highlights the growth of pharmacy online.  Online pharmacy has positioned itself as a lucrative model in the healthcare sector that is poised to bring the medicines to home without circling the medical stores.

Currently, online pharmacies are regulated according to the provisions of Drug & Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Information Technology Act, 2000.

In a 2015 notification, DCGI– the drug regulator of India governed the state authorities to keep an eye on the online sales of medicines and to take action against them, if found to violate the rules of Drug & Cosmetics Act, 1940. E-pharmacy startups have grabbed huge attention from the people as well as investors.

E-pharmacy stores are mushrooming around, giving endless options to people for choosing and purchasing even a single medicine at a reasonable rate. In India, seven or eight e-pharmacy startups have already received investments like Netmeds, 1mg, Pharmeasy, Myra, and mChemist.


Fitness and Wellness Online

Staying fit is elementary to keep doctors and pharmacy stores away. People from all walks of life- kids, young, old, working professionals, housewives are increasingly getting conscious about staying in shape and leading a healthy lifestyle.

This trend is being nicely utilized by various fitness online platforms. They are helping people to follow the proper diet plan and fitness regime to achieve their fitness goals.

Bangalore based fitness startup, CureFit roped in Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan as its brand ambassador in an INR 100 crore deal. Holywood and Bollywood actors are looked up as a role model when it comes to fitness and shape. It is being utilized well by the growing fitness and wellness industry.

Ratan Tata invested in virtual fitness coaching platform, GoQii. Indian cricketer and present captain Virat Kohli co-founded Stepathlon Kids, Olympic Gold medalist, Abhinav Bindra invested $1 million in Fitpass.

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra launched wellness website that intends to impart tips on healthy eating, choosing personalized exercises and yoga as well as staying fit in daily routine.

Startups are including more sophisticated and new technologies to make the experience of workouts and exercise more exciting. It provides more data-driven results to the users and increases the personalization. Artificial Intelligence based technologies and wearables track the activities in real time, making the experience look more fruitful than routine exercises.

Startups like Fitternity, Growfitter include aerobics, dance, gym, physiotherapy, yoga under the guidance of trainers and professionals to enhance the overall sense of wellness.

Indian Fitness industry worths around INR 4500 crore which is expected to rise up to INR 7000 crore by the end of this year.

Grocery Online

online grocery startups

With the advent of shopping grocery item online, the competition of offering more farm-fresh, organic foods at your doorstep is increasing. You can choose from a large number of options present online and order according to you and your family health need- gluten-free, no sugar, dairy free, low fat so many options available which you can select without roaming from store to store.

India’s biggest home appliances company, Godrej Group brought the healthy grocery online as “Nature’s Basket.”

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