Microsoft Global Initiative for Cancer Big Data Analytics


Microsoft and France based Median Technology collaborated to utilize big data analytics for the development of cancer detection, diagnosis and monitoring methods.

microsoft-median-technology collaborations

Median Technology has come up with its breakthrough invention of data driven image processing technology named Imaging Biomarker Phenotyping System (IBIOPSY™). This innovative technology will be installed on Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. IBIOPSY™ is set to provide advanced processing ability for analysis and processing of medical images, extracting biomarkers for real time cancer detection and treatment.

This joint initiative is need of the hour in the continuously evolving precision medicine market for development of next-generation of personalized cancer treatment and to manage the growth in medical imaging data. Till now, alpha version of IBIOPSY™ was installed on Azure for the internal testing. Selected customers will be tested by the beta version in early 2017. The positive outcome of the test by the beta version will push the product forward to be available to the customers globally by 2018.

In the words of Chairman Fredrik Brag at Median Technology, big data integrated medical imaging IBIOPSY™ will not only increase the efficiency of imaging technology, but will provide early detection and patient specific efficient targeted treatments.

IBIOPSY™ will be able to evaluate basic properties of normal and malignant tissues by noninvasive technique with the help of big data analytics for processing of images, extraction and matching of target tissues with the database available in repository. 

IBIOPSY working median technology

Figure 1. MEDIAN’s technology platform for cancer detection, diagnosis and monitoring (photo credit: Median Technology).

This will certainly be a cost effective alternative to the monitoring of diagnosis and treatment compared to the conventional expensive and invasive biopsies.

Precision Medicine is about to revolutionize how diagnostic and biological data is used to pinpoint and deliver care that is preventive, targeted and effective.” Fredrik Brag said, “Our collaboration with Microsoft will allow us to deliver these solutions into routine clinical practice on a global scale on the Azure Cloud computing platform.”

Simultaneously another predictive analytical methods is being designed to be operated with Azure by Median and Microsoft team, but the Median has kept its options open to other software and cloud platforms for IBIOPSY™.

Since 2002, Median technology is providing innovative and novel imaging software for various oncology diagnoses. It raised market capital of €87M. In 2015, fundraising was led by Abingworth (venture capitalist investor specializing in life science investment) and Median announced a private placement of about €20M.

Chief Technology & Security Officer at Microsoft France, Bernard Ourghanlian said “Microsoft Innovation teams are committed to providing their technical expertise to health professionals who use medical images in their daily routine. We are proud to collaborate with MEDIAN on the IBIOPSY™ project and to bring innovative technologies at the service of cancer research”.

Fredrik Brag wants IBIOPSY™ to be the first and foremost option for early detection of cancer diagnosis. But competition is not far behind. Various Tech Investors are investing in such collaborations and trying to launch their own versions of medical imaging software technologies. IBM acquired Merge healthcare by investing about $1 billion to develop Watson for the analysis of medical images. Company like Illumina is also eyeing on the development of the cancer detection diagnostics.

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