July 4-July 8: Who said What in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries?


These are some fresh promises that researchers and scientists made regarding their innovation and research and the collaborators filled us with the hope to take their business to a higher level and benefit the human race;

Quote 1.

These results support direct transgene delivery to the lung as a potential alternative approach to achieve the goal of developing a gene therapy for AATD-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 2.

The European Commission decision is a significant milestone for patients who are at risk of relapse following stem-cell transplant as ADCETRIS provides a treatment where none currently exists-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 3.

I believe this study will change the way we see modern medicine, helping us understand that our nerves can, with a little help, make the drugs that we need to help our body heal itself-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 4.

We believe combination therapy will be foundational to delivering the potential for long-term survival for patients, and the opportunity to develop the HuMax-IL8 antibody program together with our broad Immuno-Oncology pipeline enables us to accelerate the next wave of potentially transformational immunotherapies-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 5.

The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay provides a new option for surgical, outpatient treatment of presbyopia-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 6.

Kyprolis-based regimens have now shown superiority over two former standard-of-care treatment options for relapsed multiple myeloma patients, reinforcing Kyprolis’ place as a foundational therapy in this patient population”-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 7.

It’s only active when it’s open, and we were able to keep it closed. We’re the first group to find drug-like molecules that can inhibit this important target-Who said it? Answer is here

Quote 8.

Combining immunotherapy with vaccine technology may be a new path toward improving outcomes for patients. While the area of personalized cancer vaccine research has faced challenges in the past, there have been many recent advances, and we believe that working with Moderna to combine an immuno-oncology approach, using KEYTRUDA, with mRNA-based personalized cancer vaccines may have the potential to transform the treatment of cancer-Who said it? Answer is here



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