Is one of the world’s largest antibody providers in trouble?


Santa Cruz Biotechnology is the one of the largest monoclonal antibody producing company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA. The company has used animals for extracting the antibodies for research such as goats and rabbits by injecting the animals with proteins to stimulate antibody production. Biochemical researchers select those antibodies to detect and label same protein in cell or tissue sample.

As per the US government animal-welfare investigation thousands of goats and rabbits were disappeared from their laboratories and thus became the subject of a US government animal-welfare investigation.

According to recent federal inspection report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), in July 2015, the company had 2,471 rabbits and 3,202 goats and now the animals have gone suddenly to nothing.

Company has also became sensitive of three animal-welfare complaints reported by the USDA after its inspection- this firm has dealt badly with goats at its building in California. The story of the goat and rabbits is in suspense because company did not react to any questions about the matter and the representative of the company, David Schaefer, Director of Public Relations for the law firm was also unable to comments on animal fate.

The hearing is going to resume on 5th April, 2016 – if the corporate is found to have desecrated the US Animal Welfare Act, it can be penalized by USD 10,000 per violation for every day and if the violation persists it can lose its license to keep animals for industrial use. Let’s see what happens next!

This article was originally published in Nature and we recommend our readers to this website for detailed report.

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