Global Digital Healthcare Investment Trends & Outlook Report


Global Digital Healthcare Investment Trends & Outlook Report

Report Description

The Medgenera’s exclusive report “Global Digital Healthcare Investment Trends & Outlook Report”, focuses on the multifaceted insights to the global investment trends in the digital healthcare segment. The report comprises an elaborate research insight of the notable historical investments made since 2015 and provides an expansion outlook for the year 2017-2018. The overall report is a combination of primary and secondary research.

Digital Healthcare is one of the fastest growing healthcare segment. The global digital health market accounted for 196.3 US$ Billion revenue in 2017 and further estimated to rake up to US$ 536.6 Billion in revenue by the end of 2025. The surging adoption of the technological advancements in the healthcare industry, extraordinary innovation, and market growth provides ample opportunities to all its stakeholders including the patients, healthcare providers, startups, investors, entrepreneurs, and academicians among others.

The exclusive report provides qualitative and quantitative analysis based on multifaceted segments analysis within the digital healthcare. The report provides the outlook for the investment in digital healthcare in the year 2018. This report also takes a note of the potential factors that may drive or restrict the global financial investment scenario in 2018.

The global digital healthcare investment has been segmented as presented below:

Chapter 1- Introduction

Chapter 2- Research methodology

  • Key data from secondary sources
  • Assumptions
  • Key validations by primary research

Chapter 3- Executive summary

Chapter 4- Medgenera exclusive quantitative insights (investment size estimation)

  • By Area of Investment
  • By Investment Type
  • By Geography

Chapter 5- Global digital healthcare investment dynamics

  • Investment Drivers
  • Investment Restraints
  • Investment Opportunities

Chapter 6- Medgenera exclusive digital healthcare investment trend analysis (Sub-segment investment size estimation)

  • By Area of Investment
  1. Telehealthcare
  2. mHealth (wearables, mobile apps, wellness/fitness apps)
  3. Health analytics (data analytics, genomics, precision medicine)
  4. Digitized health systems
  • By Investment Type
  1. Early stage investment
  2. Intermediate stage investment
  3. Late stage Investment
  • By Geography
  1. North America (U.S.)
  2. Europe (Germany)
  3. Asia Pacific (China & India)
  4. Rest-of-the-World (South-Africa)

Chapter 7- Global digital healthcare investment company profile (Top-10)

Chapter 8- List of tables

Chapter 9- List of figures

Key readers (who can be most benefitted?)

The key readers of the exclusive report “Global Digital Healthcare Investment Trends & Outlook Report” are;

  1. Digital healthcare startups
  2. Healthcare entrepreneurs
  3. Healthcare investors
  4. Healthcare providers
  5. Academicians (students and researchers)


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