How Predictive Analytics Can Help Prevent Long Term Health Crisis


Artificial intelligence, machine learning are some of the most talked about topics these days.

Predictive analytics – analyzing the currently available data to make accurate predictions for future- have laid the foundation of preventive healthcare strongly than ever before.

Predictive analytics could provide a massive thrust to improving patient healthcare, chronic diseases management, better hospital administration. The rising trend of digital and preventive healthcare will lower the cost of healthcare and improve patient care.

Earlier in 2000, when the human genome was completely sequenced, so much was anticipated regarding the ability to enhance personalized medicines and therapies by individual’s genomic data. Still, need to go long for this.

Development of novel technologies for DNA sequencing, the collection of continuous monitoring data like data from continuous blood glucose monitoring devices are regularly increasing the healthcare data.

The continuous rising healthcare data needs to be interpreted and utilized judiciously and efficiently to make it useful for healthcare. The widespread availability of technologies, big data has catalyzed the field of preventive healthcare.

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Predictive analytics will improve the accuracy of any diagnosis. It will help in early diagnosis and intervention of many diseases before it gets uncontrollable. Increased interest towards genetic testing will play a huge role in creating awareness towards well-being and preventive healthcare.

Pharmaceutical companies may be able to develop customized medications for a small group of the population. Unlike the development of medications in bulk, medicines could be developed in smaller batches according to the need of the patients, reducing the healthcare costs. This will also minimize the risk of side effects in patients.

In India, stress and unhealthy lifestyles are increasing the number of patients suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. In the country, where the doctors to patients ratio is a matter of concern, preventive healthcare is the need of the hour.

Use of home-monitoring devices, taking genetic testing are some positive steps of people towards a healthier lifestyle.

Investors are showing much confidence in the predictive analytics and preventive healthcare and pouring millions on these kinds of startups.

Recently, the Bangalore-based predictive care platform, TouchKin received $1,300,000 from Kae Capital. The digital preventive health startup, Healthi’s innovation aims to protect people from chronic illness.

Integrating predictive analytics in routine patient care and preventive healthcare technologies in lifestyle can improve the overall health of an individual and reduces the burden of expenditure on healthcare.

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