Become our Campus Ambassador! You will be our Community Outreach Intern


Campus ambassador (CA) are our Community Outreach Intern, who promote the vision of Medgenera and assist in growing and strengthening the Medgenera news network at their campus level.

What you get?

  1. Hands-on experience with a startup company which will help you in building your skills and portfolio.
  2. Excellent exposure and mentorship from experienced team member
  3. Experience certificate for your contribution
  4. You will be paid based on your experience and the duration of your assistance
  5. Opportunity to further continue your career with us (based on your performance)

What you will do?

  1. Assist in launching Medgenera at your campus
  2. Promote others to join Medgenera news network
  3. Assist in planning meetups and events

What you should have?

  1. Eagerness to learn, take initiative own your own and find fun ways to reach students.
  2. Ideally you should have experience in community building or related field. But we are not strict here:) We know you have tremendous potential to work-and-network. So it doesn’t really matter!

Sounds interesting? To become the Campus Ambassador of Medgenera, fill out the below CA registration form and submit. Alternatively, you can directly write to (please change -at- with @ and don’t forget to add campus ambassador in the subject line).

Note: Higher Secondary School students are also eligible for CA affiliations. Email us directly with the information about you at (please change -at- with @ and don’t forget to add campus ambassador in the subject line).



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