Top 5 Companies Revolutionizing Healthcare by Augmented Reality


Review: Augmented Reality Companies in Medicine and Healthcare

 The medical field has seen many phases of evolution, to reach the current phase where a patient is more assured than ever about any medically complicated surgery or procedure.

Now, to take the medical world to the next level of safety and accuracy, they are eyeing to turn all the hypothesis of science fiction come true whether it’s releasing nanorobots inside the human body to perform medical procedures or augmenting the reality to image the most difficult-to-see things.

Let us set out for the voyage of some amazing companies who has amalgamated the digital technologies and medical science for more precise and amplified effect of therapies on human body through ‘Augmented Reality



Founder: Dr. Tej Tadi

Established: 2012

Location: Switzerland


What do they do?

They develop next-generation human-machine interface technologies to help patients recover from brain and spinal cord injuries and to assist amputee patients. Aims to build the Human Interface.


Figure 1. Mindmaze Helps Stroke Victims (photo credit: mindmaze)


How they are Disrupting Reality?

By the intersection of virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence, brain imaging and gaming technologies, they retrain the brain of stroke victims. The company introduced MindLeap- the industry’s first thought-powered VR, augmented reality (AR), motion capture game system.

To understand about this technology, watch the video

Video Courtesy:GamerHub.TV

Funds and Investments

The startup MindMaze is a spin off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). It has raised about $118.5 million. Hinduja Group is its prime investor.

Website: //




Founder: Sergio Aguirre

Established: 2012

Location: California


What do they do?

It develops software for interactive, 3D medical visualization to improve clinical efficacy and workflow.


Figure 2. Echopixel Technology (photo credit: echopixel)


How they disrupt reality?

The next-generation True 3D software allows medical professionals to enhance 3D reconstruction of patient-specific organs and tissues in real time in an open 3D space.

Video Courtesy: Emily Leach

Funds and investment

In 2012, Aurus invested an undisclosed amount in EchoPixel, in 2013, the company raised $1.75 million in June and then $2.35 million in November from Harris & Harris Group and Aurus. In 2016, Aurus invested $1.75 million.

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Founder: Stefan Vilsmeier

Established: 1989

Location: Germany


What do they do?

The company develops medical technologies for various surgical and radiosurgery applications and for cloud-based data sharing.


How they disrupt reality?

Brainlab creates software for surgical navigation (image guided surgery) it ‘continuously tracks surgical instrumentation in relation to actual patient anatomy and displays the relationship, in real time, on a software screen during surgery’. Apart from the real-time surgery Brainlab technology also helps to plan, monitor and deliver radiation treatment for patients with cancerous or functional diseases.

Video Courtesy: Brainlab

Funds and Investments

Brainlab raised $7.3 million from Intel Capital





Founder: Randy Frey

Established: 2004

Location: Florida 


What do they do?

They develop next-generation femtosecond laser technology for more precise and accurate refractive cataract surgery.


How they disrupt reality?

LensAR’s imaging system collects a wide spectrum of biometric data of patient’s eyes and then the company’s proprietary Cataract Laser with Augmented Reality™ technology reconstructs a precise 3D model of the true anatomy of patient’s eyes to provide a clear visualization of lens anatomy.

Video Courtesy: Horizon Laser Vision

Funds and Investments

In the latest private equity funding in 2015, LensAR fetched $16 million from Aisling Capital. The other investors of LensAR are Florida Growth Fund, Florida Opportunity Fund, Oxford Finance Corporation, PDL Biopharma

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Founder: Frank Sculli, John Qualter

Established: 2013

Location: New York


What do they do?

The company referred as “Google Earth for the Human Body” provides interactive, 3D software platform for 3D modeling of human body.


Figure 3. BioDigital Human Platform (photo credit: BioDigital)


How they disrupt reality?

BioDigital platform provides a virtual 3D anatomy of an individual which helps medical students to get trained on 3D humans and allows surgeons to practice before complex surgical operations and allows understanding the body of an individual by 3D visualization.

Video Courtesy: BioDigital

Funds and Investments

In the latest Series A funding round in 2013, BioDigital gained $4 million led by FirstMark Capital. The investors include NYU Innovation Venture Fund, Amish Jani

Website: //



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