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From ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra to latest film stars the common link which is apparent among all of them is an eternal quest for forever flawless beauty. 

Since ancient times people had adopted yoga, meditation and ayurvedic treatment in their lifestyle to stay healthy and beautiful. In the modern era where we are exposed to so many environmental factors like UV radiation, harmful chemical compounds, pollution even our normal metabolic activities like free radical, has lead all the ancient tricks fall short in reviving and maintaining our beauty.

Researchers discovered chemical compounds and identified their properties and we have seen so many of them in the chemical compositions of our skincare products to rejuvenate our skin which had their own effects and side effects.

Slowly with the pace of time and advancement in technology various biotechnology tool have sneaked into our vanity.


What our skin needs to get the eternal beauty?

Treating the skin problems superficially does not last long. Therefore researchers have tried to look for and correct the core cause of it. DNA is the master key to unlock all answers for the skin problems we are facing. DNA regulates the formation and repair of all the cells in the body and when the repair rate is around 100 trillion times per day our DNA works hard to keep our skin healthy and appealing.


Figure 1. Model of skin anatomy (photo credit:

Our skin is constructed of three layers of skin viz. epidermis, dermis and hypodermisAmong them dermis comprises of structural proteins named collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans.

When skin gets damaged with age and other environmental factors the collagen and elastin production gets reduced, maintenance of the epidermis also gets compromised and wound healing is reduced which causes loss of the aesthetic value and develops skin problems and signs like wrinkles, fine lines, various spots, pimples, etc. 

Instead of wasting time trying and standardizing what will suit your skin and revive your beauty. What about understanding the unique requirements of your skin from your own DNA and then choosing the perfect ingredients without any fear of side effects?

Every human being have 23 pairs of chromosome. Each chromosome contains DNAs which in turn contains genes which has been brought down from parents to offsprings. Other than genes DNA also contains different types of genetic variants, one among them are single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) which other than predicting your risk to any disease and regulating the gene’s function can also  accurately predict the future of your skin.

single nucleotide polymorphism

Figure 2. Single nucleotide polymorphism (photo credit:

Yes, thanks to the developing biotechnology we are privileged to find out the secret of our beautiful skin. The skincare biotech industry has showcased some of their revolutionary technologies to unveil our skin secret.


SkinDNA International

SKINDAN Australia logoIt is an Australian pharmacogenomics company. It is involved in research and development of novel therapies for personalized skin improvement genetically.

Technology: SkinDNA Genetic Skin Test scrutinize 16 genetic markers Single Nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) under 5 Categories:-

  •  Firmness + Elasticity
  •  Wrinkling
  •  Sun damage+Pigmentation
  •  Free radical damage
  •  Sensitivity+Inflammation

The SkinDNA test comprises of three simple steps:-

  • Swab the inside or your cheek and post the DNA sample to the laboratory for analysis
  • Then collect your personalised SkinDNA report and get information of what your own DNA tells about your skin.
  • Accordingly, based on the SkinDNA report, use scientifically selected skincare ingredients recommendations targeted to your own genetic blueprint.
  • Forget about skin problems and side effects

SkinDNA International technology has reached worldwide by its distributors and as “White Label” solutions under which SkinDNA has co-branded or rebranded for distribution.


Xcode Life Sciences- Come Alive

XCode Life Sciences logoXcode’s Come Alive claims to be providing the world’s first DNA based  personalized anti ageing skincare regimen.

Anupam Kher, the veteran actor of Bollywood explains the role of personalized medicine in skin care and talks about Xcode Life Sciences (Credit: Xcode Life Sciences).



SKINSHIFT genetic cosmeticsSKINSHIFT’s revolutionary SKINSHIFT program developed by Ruthie Harper, MD is based on the DNA analysis to understand your personal skin needs and customized your cosmetics.


Figure 3. SkinShift product line (photo credit:

The SKINSHIFT DNA test kit evaluate these 5 categories:-

  •  Collagen Formation factor
  •  Sun protection factor
  •  Antioxidant protection factor
  •  Inflammation protection factor
  •  Glycation protection factor

The SKINSHIFT test includes following steps:-

  •  Take the DNA test by swabbing your cheek, send the sample and order your Starter Pack
  •  Collect your personalized DNA reports and determine the specific skincare products for you
  •  Utilize your DNA test results to order your custom serums and supplements
  •  Unleash your beautiful skin!!

In this video, Dr. Harper introduced her revolutionary SKINSHIFT program (credit: Koby Dumas).



VLCC India logoIndia’s leading wellness brand VLCC launched DNASkin programme devised to provide a comprehensive information about the genetic profile of the individual. Based on DNASkin test results personalized optimal skin care solutions are recommended including beauty treatment options and lifestyle changes that is suitable for the skin regimen of the individual.

Following parameters are observed in the DNASkin test :-

  • Sun Damage
  • Pigmentation
  • Ageing



GeneU official logoThe UK based company, known to be the first in-store DNA test for personalized skincare.

In the genomic profiling of a person they basically assess :-

  •  Antioxidant level
  •  Collagen breakdown level

GeneU DNA cosmetics

Figure 4. GENEU DNA Test – Personalised Skincare (photo credit:

Technology: Their DNA test is a revolutionary 30 minutes test miniature from a lab to USB stick. The DNA sample is loaded onto a microchip itself and test is activated within 30 min. Genes were analysed along with your lifestyle and results are uploaded onto cloud system.

 The test includes following simple steps :-

  • Collection of your saliva and assessment of your lifestyle.
  • DNA test
  • Personalized U+ profile will be generated
  • Prescription of the anti aging serum for enhancing your natural antioxidant level and skin renewal with prevention of collagen degradation will be done depending on DNA test results .


GeneOnyx Limited

GeneOnyx LimitedThe Hong-Kong based company developed on-the-spot DNA test for skincare as an in-store treatment option for the customers to choose the appropriate anti aging solution for the skin.

Technology: The test utilities the patented rapid DNA detection technology of Imperial College , London which was affiliated to DNA Electronics to carry out the scientific analysis of individual’s genetic variation and its response to diverse active ingredients. The genalysis technology detects the SNPs (genetic variations) in DNA and matched with the GeneOnyx’s online skin care products to guide the individual to choose the suitable skin care products that suits the individual skin regimen.

The test procedure steps include:-

  • Preliminary saliva test for DNA sample
  • Inserting DNA sample to the computer microchip for the determination of the genetic signatures in the DNA using  polymerase chain reaction(PCR) process
  • DNA computer microchip plugged into cloud connected gateway device linked to CosMos.
  • Within 30 minutes results are obtained. The results can be analysed to prescribe the customised skincare ingredients to the patient.

With time we have equipped ourselves with the powerful biotechnology weapon not only to fight away all the bad human diseases and disorders but also to monitor and maintain our surpassing beauty.

Featured Image Credit: Bigstockphoto

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