A Synthetic Biology Company Backup for Non-Opioid Gene Therapy and Cancer Treatment


U.S. based Intrexon Corporation, a leader in synthetic biology backed up two start ups by an Exclusive Channel Collaboration (ECC) supported by Harvest Intrexon Enterprise Fund sponsored by Harvest Capital Strategies.

First one is, Relieve Genetics Inc. which aims to develop breakthrough non-opioid gene therapy in neuropathic pain by understanding its pathophysiology. An immunomodulatory protein alone or in combination with other therapeutic agents will be introduced in the body via designed viral vector delivery system which could be controlled by Intrexon’s RheoSwitch technology (in this a small molecule activator ligand is used for regulating gene expression) therefore, providing a constant, localized and controllable drug delivery for pain management.

Next one is, Exotech Bio Inc. which will focus on cancer treatment. It will prepare engineered cell lines utilizing exosome-based platform which can produce tumor-targeted allogenic exosomes carrying bioactive RNA’s that will attack the intracellular cancer pathways to suppress or destroy particular tumor cells.

We are excited to enter into these new collaborations within Intrexon’s Health Sector to advance medicine on multiple fronts,” said Samuel Broder, M.D., Senior Vice President, Head of Intrexon’s Health Sector. “Neuropathic pain is a tremendous unmet need in healthcare today. The collaboration with Relieve Genetics offers a significant opportunity to materially impact the lives of many patients who are in desperate need of relief from pain refractory to other therapies including opiates.”

Intrexon‘s work in engineering complex miRNAs holds particular promise for an exosome-based platform to address certain cancers, for which conventional approaches have failed. In addition to the significant progress underway with our partner ZIOPHARM Oncology in the utilization of gene and adoptive cellular therapies against numerous cancer types, we look forward to introducing a new and important modality with Exotech Bio to treat cancer patients who have limited options under current treatment approaches.

This collaboration will fetch Intrexon 25% equity stake of each start up plus reimbursement for all the R&D expenses along with potential milestones and royalties.

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